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Maharajas' Express Destinations

The attractions during the Maharajas Express train tour include a heady mix of World Heritage Sites, wildlife, art, culture and royalty along with some unique insider experiences at some select destinations. Mentioned below are all the destinations which are covered in the 5 itineraries of the Maharaja train.

Aurangabad: City of Gates

Aurangabad - 'City Built by Royalty' has to showcase numerous ancient tombs, monuments, and palaces reflecting the fine specimen of Mughal art & architecture. The city is admired for production of superior quality silk, handicraft items and metal goods. With 13 gates of Ajanta & Ellora, across the city, Aurangabad is also called 'City of Gates'.

Udaipur: City of Lakes

The City of Lakes - Udaipur has numerous lakes, adding a magnificent element to the natural aura. Located amongst the Aravallis, the natural ambiance and rich cultural heritage make this place worth visiting. The old forts also represent the glorious history of the Rajputanas.

Jodhpur: The Blue City

The city has abundant of ancient castles to showcase, reflecting the aura of the times gone by. Jodhpur gets its name 'Blue City' due to the blue painted buildings around the popular Mehrangarh Fort. The amazing art and architecture could be seen in every attraction.

Bikaner :Gateway to Thar Desert

To enjoy exotic camel safaris, fairs and festivals, Bikaner is the perfect destination. The city has abundant of historical forts, monuments, palaces and temples worth exploring. Apart from this, you can experience the mesmeric charm in the rich culture and heritage of the city.

Jaipur:The Pink City

The pink color of the forts, palaces and havelis make this city be called as 'Pink City'. The rich culture & art, forts and palaces, reflect the royal aspect of the place. This city also gets its name as 'The City of Victory' as this has been a battleground and witnessed grand victories.

Sawai Madhopur: Royal Hunting Ground

Ranthambhor National Park is the main attraction making Sawai Madhopur highly popular. The city is a busy commercial town. The forests, guavas, forts, temples etc., also make this place south-after. You can also enjoy street shopping and scrumptious local foods.

Agra: Beacon of Love

Agra, the city of love, has to showcase one of the UNESCO world heritage sites - Taj Mahal. Apart from this fine specimen of Mughal art & architecture, you have much more to explore like the Agra Fort and Jama Masjid.

Fatehpur Sikri: The Ghost Town

Fatehpur Sikri is popularly known as 'the ghost city'. This place was the capital of the Mughals for several years, but soon got abandoned due to scarcity of water in the area. The Fatehpur Sikri palace complex has bountiful attractions to explore. The city showcases the combination of Islamic and Hindu style in every architectural structure.

Orchha: Pastoral Retreat

Orchha is worth visiting due to the splendid archaeological monuments. This city represents the rich cultural heritage that paints the picture of a glorious past. You can also enjoy exquisite Mural Paintings on the walls of the temples and other monuments.

Khajuraho: A Narrative of Erotic Temples

Khajuraho is the place displaying fine examples of medieval heritage. The temples are appreciated for the architectural and sculptural sheerness. The fine engravings on the temple walls reflect the artistic excellence.

Varanasi: The City of Sacred Lights

'Land of Moksh', the most sacred destination, Varanasi is popularly called Kashi or Banaras. This is one of the significant pilgrim centers in India. The natural setting of the place is very comfortable and locals are very friendly. The Paan is another specialty of the place, apart from the enchanting temples.

Lucknow: City of Nawab

'The Nawab City', Lucknow, is the city of royal people who are appreciated for their mannerism, hospitality and unique style of greeting. Being the epitome of the Shia culture, the tradition and culture of the place is worth observing.

Gwalior: The Land of Palaces and Forts

'The former princely state of Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior is an important historical city. Founded by Suraj Sen, a prince of the Kachhwaha Rajput clan of the 18th century, it was a dream city of several rulers, mainly because of its strategic location.

Balasinor: Home to India's Jurassic Park

Situated in the Kheda district of the West Indian state of Gujarat, Balasinor is a small town. Also known as Vadasinor, it was established during the 18th century.

New Delhi: City of Djinns

The capital city of India is worth visiting due to the various attractions that date back to Mughal dynasties and British era. Various historical monuments paint the picture of a glorious past. Here are different government buildings, local markets, temples, etc., to be explored.